Enter the Tricycle

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Maker unknown. Sellers, long forgotten. Year — probably sometime in the 1980s.

Logic… a mystery.


Another fantastic, crap-tastic, relic from the days of blanket vendors outside subway stops, swapmeet junk toy booth and Chinatown gift shops.

ninja-tricycle_2 ninja-tricycle_3

This head is actually somewhat familiar, I’ve seen it at various sizes for key rings, clip-on figurines, puppets, etc.


There’s an excellent tradition of putting rather inappropriate properties on silly wind-up tricycles, from vintage superheroes to modern day collectible companies doing it for the sheer irony. So why not a black clad martial assassinon a bright orange bell-laden kid’s bike?


  1. GojuryuNinja

    The head sculpt used for the ninja on the tricycle if Im not mistaken is identical to the black ninja action figure in Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos.