FWAK!-tastic ninja designs!

In my non-ninja creative endeavors, I’m known for some pioneering work in bringing the Mexican masked wrestler thing to American pop culture prominence in the 90’s. Those efforts led to some great collaborations with animation studio FWAK!, and we may be entering into something just as cool, but this time on the shinobi-tip!




I’m not in a position to talk a lot about this in-development project, but take a look at some prelim concept art and designs over at the FWAK! Blog! Creator Eddie Mort grew up in Australia, exposed to the amazingness that was The Samurai, so his shinobi-sensibilities definitely lean towards the 60’s Japanese old-school.

Obviously, WHEN the powers-that-be give this project the $200 Million budget it clearly deserves and it’s off to the races, I’ll do what I can to tease you all with secret work-in-progress gems…

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