HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Collegeville Ninja Costume – 1986

Felt obligated to get a quick Halloween post in this year in the midst of all the book stuff going down at FPU.

This Collegeville kids vinyl costume is from 1986, with art based on the classic ninja dart board.

A few things bother me here:

1.) You just had to market your “Glow in the Dark” feature on  the costume itself? Really?

2.) And does it make sense for the shadow master of the night to glow in the dark in the first place?

But moreover…

3.) Is it a good idea to put a shuriken target board on a kid’s torso???

The mask is half generic action figure, half Joseph Lai/Godfrey Ho costuming.

$3.99… worth every penny!

Have a safe, sugary and scary Halloween everybody, and much love and hope going out to all the waterlogged of the East Coast.