Let us now begin an intimate weekend with Chuck and Kyo…

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Tomorrow marks the 30TH (!!!) Anniversary of the release of The Octagon!

Holy shit I’m old…

Rarely credited with starting the American ninja craze of the 80’s, this jewel of the Chuck Norris crown beat Enter the Ninja to theaters by over thirteen months, and found tremendous legs on home video and especially cable. It is said HBO didn’t actually mean “Home Box Office,” but rather “Hey, Beastmaster’s On.” But for my buck, HBO meant “Hey Bro… OCTAGON!” I’m not sure more than a two week span passed in the mid-80’s where I didn’t watch this movie.

Two big features this weekend to celebrate:

Saturday VN welcomes our first guest contributor, two-fisted cyber-scribe Matt Wallace, whose loving ode to The Octagon had me nearly pissing myself a few times over.

I’ll tag back in on Sunday for a look at eight things I love and eight things I hate about what has to be the most up-and-down all-over-the-map clusterfuck of a karate-kicking classic ever filmed.

Thirty years? That’s like, what, three decades? Jeez…

RICHARD NORTON was under the serpentine hood of Kyo the Enforcer, arguably the finest piece of ninja costuming ever done in an American film.