Looking forward to lucky 13…

We launched this site 13 years ago today, and despite the fact I’m constantly prodded with that “no one reads websites anymore” notion, I don’t care, this right here is where the new e-content is always going to manifest.

Whenever I see a large “body of work” existing solely on Facebook or whatever the latest fad social is, knowing how instantaneously it can be erased by a corporate buyout, software glitch or erroneously aggressive copyright-hunting ‘bot, I just cringe. So yes, this stand-alone website, which I own, isn’t going anywhere…

I have mountains of untapped material, and some optimism that the future will be sans the apocalyptic distractions and personal health issues that have hampered me somewhat these past two years.

I’m also open to requests for features, drop me a line, will see what I can do.

Looking forward to a ninja-full future for all of us, stay safe out there people!


KR – 6/7/2022