1. Daeva

    Ohoh! I bothered a Japanese friend for this, so be grateful!

    The title of the one shot is “Ninki” (using the kanji for “shinobi” and “oni”), and this is all I could tell XD

    The other text sounds like “A different ninja manga” and “A long oneshot” (or something like “a oneshot leading to a long series”).

    My friend found also a short summary about it: The Tokugawa shogunate is about to give a final blow to an ally of Toyotomi; Jigensai, a Koga (Koka) ninja is working to protect this castle from the other ninjas attacks, when suddenly a girl approaches him.
    It’s not sure if Jigensai is a Toyotomi or Tokugawa ninja though…I’ll ask her for further infos.

    I hope it’s been helpful ^_^

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