Quicklinks to the the ‘Ninja-To’ article series

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If you’ve missed the evolution of the ninja sword discussions day-by-day, here’s an easier way to read them all in order:

Part 1.) Origins of the 80s Ninja-To – in which we looked at the earliest American magazine ads we could find for the regulation ninja sword sold in the 80s. Surprise – 1973!

Part 2.) Why Are People So Hung Up on the Alleged Ninja-To? – in which we realize what a can of worms that first post opened.

Part 3.) E-Debate Rages on the Notorious Ninja-To – looks at the internet exchange between Don Roley, Stephen K. Hayes and Antony Cummins on who’s responsible for unleashing this thing on the world.

Part 4.) Ninja-To Visual Shorthand in Manga – looking at the absence of the stereotypical blade in decades of Japanese comics.

Part 5.) Ninja-To Visual Shorthand in American vs. Japanese Films – tries, but is unable to find a trace of the sword in a ninja movie before 1983.

Part 6.) So in Conclusion – did the above five articles answer anything, or just bring up more questions?

Please feel free to comment, correct or call bullshit on anything you can contribute to or deconstruct. We love feedback and expansion of the knowledge pool.