Swordgirls of SHINOBI THE WIDE

These beautiful character design illos are from the 2003 video game artbook Shinobi THE WIDE.

This sleeve-slinging swordgirl is ‘Ageha.’ I’m digging the flapper sensibilities of her hair and make-up.

You can see the rest of this long-out-of-print book here.

(special thanks to Dustin DeLeon)

  1. Tim

    The PS2 reboot of the Shinobi series is chiefly notable for having the hero Hotsuma wearing armguards with articulated kunai mounted on them, and a 20-foot red scarf that follows his movements. Legend has it that latter was created when one of the programmers said the original normal-length one looked silly and so one of the others made it enormous as a joke and they loved how it looked.

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