The award for Best 80s Ninja Figure Made in 2011 goes to…

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…German collectible figurine experts Schleich!

Their newly released 3.5″ “Mysterious Ninja” from their Heroes line is a major throwback to the 80s, looking like the bastard love child of Sho Kosugi in Revenge of the Ninja and Tadashi Yamashita in American Ninja. Ornate straight swords, big dragon logo, gold-plated shuriken assortment across his chest right out of a mail order catalog,¬†bright red stealth-unfriendly costume elements… could not get more retro.

They even gave him non-Japanese and/or non-shinobi weapons, like an ignorant or lazy 80s prop-master would have in a low-budget ninja-sploitation flick. Nice nunchucks, European stilettos and Persian re-curved bow pal.

Schleich has been making high-end animal figurines since the 50s. You’ll see their nature, horse and rider, dragon and knight and other non-property-based figures in toy boutiques, learning, art and book stores. Not sure if this is their first ninja, but they have done a pretty ornate Chinese dragon with a liquid-sword warrior set, so maybe they’re expanding their adventure stuff beyond Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean knock-offs.

The swords are removable, allowing for a more “authentic” reverse grip pose if you’re so inclined, and it stands perfectly on its own. The vinyl is flexible, but small parts make this not-so-child safe. This is more a collectible than a toy.

The “Mysterious Ninja” will set you back about $8, a bit pricey for a non-articulated figure, but worth it in my opinon.

As today is ‘Small Business Saturday’ seek out a higher-end toy or collectible store and shop independent.

  1. Kevin Roberto Meza

    I got this one, bought it like 10 years ago and it I bought it because it looks really great, very well designed ninja figure.

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