Where’s Juri Manase?

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Alright, who’s familiar with FuurinKazan? I’ve read from more than one source that the 2007 TV drama was superb, and Sonny Chiba‘s “last role” was arguably his best, but what I really want to see is his daughter in a supporting role as a kunoichi named “Hazuki.”

Episodes are streaming all over the web, but there’s like a thousand of them, so where did she appear? Anyone?

Juri’s official site has a pile of photos, but alas none from this production. C’mon, peeps, do my research for me!

Baby striking her papa’s famous pose.


Juri appears in the following:

Episode 23: Night Battle at Kawagoe

Episode 24: The Dragon of Echigo

Episode 26: A Bitter Victory

Episode 27: The Strongest Enemy

Episode 31: The Treacherous Castle

Episode 32: Infiltrating Echigo

Episode 34: Sanada’s Desire

Episode 37: Mother’s Will

Episode 41: The Princess’ Death

Episode 46: The Kanto Expedition

Episode 47: Night Before the Decisive Battle

Episode 49: Desperate Struggle – Kawanakajima

Many thanks to VN reader Dan for the info!

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