Chiba in Burbank this weekend!

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You have a chance to meet Hattori Hanzo, Jubei Yagyu, Golgo 13 and Terry Tsurugi this weekend at Monsterpalooza in Burbank, CA!


An ultra-rare appearance by Sonny Chiba, and at the country’s best horror convention to boot… AND… I myself will be there as a vendor selling vintage toys, lucha libre stuff and even some select pieces from the VN swag collection! [Table 175, outside hall]

How can you not go?

And we’re BACK!

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Some lingering structural issues made it un-safe for me to post anything new on the site for way longer than anticipated, but all of our behind-the-scenes problems are seemingly fixed!

There’s a nice new navigation feature now fully functioning, too. Go to any of the CATEGORY ARCHIVES to the right (these were previously the sliding doors on the old site), and when you’ve scrolled down to the bottom of the page, the ‘previous page’ link buttons can now take you all the way back to our first posts more than five years ago, with a single click. Not that scrolling through years and years of old ninja goodness was ever unpleasant, but some folks like to discover a site from the beginning, so there you go.

This new-look VN is also a TON faster than the old site was, and is supposedly more mobile friendly depending on your device.

So yeah, good things!

New stuff coming this week, stay tuned…

60s swords



Pardon our dust…

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After five years and a recent back-end security breach scare, we had to make some wholesale changes to VN, many of which will be ongoing in the shadows for the next month or so.

BUT, you’ll have full access to the archives all that time, so dig in and enjoy. A major plus of this new facelift is the site is now 1 million times more mobile device friendly, so the days of stalled iPad browsers and wonky smartphone displays are gone for good.

We’re actually seeking a freelance WordPress-savvy troubleshooter for a couple of paying gigs, so if you are such an individual or can recommend one to us, please please please refer-away!

Regular new content updates will resume some time in February, but there’s always something going down at our Facebook page, my Twitter and especially the Lucha vs. Ninja tumblr site.

Thanks for your patience fans, we love you all!

Keith J. Rainville


Portrait of the author, in cheap plastic.
Portrait of the author, in cheap plastic.



Coming soon, a new Category…

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We’re phasing out the old “Sword Girls” category and have migrated the posts over to other more appropriate Categories – mostly FIlm and TV. Nothing’s been deleted,¬†just moved to better homes.

Click back soon for a whole new Category here…