Whut-up with this WOLF BOY?

I probably need a real Shirato Sanpei fan here.

These scans are from a 1967 manga I scored in a lot, one of which was described only as ¬†“Wolf Boy.” I was hoping for some Wolf Boy Ken tie in, but no! Rather than a Jungle Book / Tarzan-like deal, I was pleasantly surprised by this Kamui-esque adventure of an orphan raised by wolves who then learns shadow skills.


Here’s the cover:

So what do I have here? Various Wikis and under-researched manga sites list a “Wolf Boy” series in Sanpei’s resume, but I’m stonewalled after that. I know how much some of you looove doing my research for me, so get to it!

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  1. There’s this Italian or (or is it Spanish, I don’t remember, also I couldn’t find it now) fan site somewhere, they should know about it.

    (Also again, Kamui Gaiden is probably the best manga-to-film translation ever. Totally beats the painfully kitschy and stupid (relatively) Lone Wolf movies, and is much better the Azumi films too.)

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