WATARI press stills (Part 2)

Pre-pubescent axe-weilding hero Watari goes through standard shinobi like shit through a goose, but things get a lot dicier when he encounters a  bizarre rogues gallery of super-powered villains.

The uber-nemesis of the film is played by RYUTARO OTOMO, but Watari will have to wade through a legion of weirdos to get to him...

Lifted right off the manga pages, these goons are caked in make-up, primary-colored skin paint and off-the-wall costumes. They have powers to match, too. I won't spoil anything for those of you yet to see WATARI, but one of these ninja is actually a robot!

The pervy toad boy and the thick kunoichi are my faves. Can't find any info on who that is, but she's got that joshi puroresu look...

Demon freaks and robo-ninja aside, there are even weirder bits in the film, like this trippy attack by animated butterflies.

This staged still got bit and re-bit for foreign posters, even for other films. Check out the Pakistani poster for Kadokawa's LEGEND OF THE EIGHT SAMURAI below.

Further Reading:

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There’s an all-too-small gallery of manga covers here.

And most importantly, BUY THE FILM at Kurotokagi! It’s worth it for the amazing theme song alone.

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  1. You gotta love me for this. (Maybe.) Well, you just won’t get more vintage than this (at least easily):


    This version lack the piano music, though. And especially the dialogue boards (with subtitles, obviously).

    Another classic that I discovered today:


    Yes, by Osamu Tezuka. Sasuke the Kid (but a kid with no giant-ass battle axe) was apparently HUGE these days. Nowadays he’s usually all grown up, I wonder why?

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