Can anyone ID these figures?

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Scored these tiny (they’re less than an inch tall) figures some time ago, still unable to ID them so we’re putting this out there, asking for help.

No markings whatsoever, so they might be out of a capsule machine? Or they’re part of a playset, being so tiny. I suspect these are knock-offs of a better-molded original, too.

They have articulation at the heads, shoulders and hips. Some have open hands for accessories but man, they’d be tiny…


This l’il ninja is why we picked up the lot. The head sculpt is reminiscent of the second version of Storm Shadow from GI Joe.


This sort of skull-headed robo-skelleton dude is my fave of the bunch. Who cares about a scuba diver or pilot when you’ve got a Deathlok-esque cyborg on your team…


Any help would be appreciated y’all. Many thanks!

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  1. Never Enough Pizza

    These were a Walmart exclusive military themed toyline from around 1993. They came in multiple figure packs and also packages where two figures would be included with a vehicle (humvee, tank, etc.). There were many different teams to choose from such as ninja, desert troopers, etc. Each package included a lot of very small accessories and weapons.

  2. Josh L

    Thank you so much, I have been trying to find the name of these toys for about 12 years