Dragon Force Ninja

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One small… small… step above the generic 80’s rack figure would be this line of Remco and Norris Kommando compatible figures from the Lanard company. Dragon Force Ninja Dragonmaster figures came in at least three colors — black, white and red — and there was even a female version of at least the red scheme. Besides the ninja, Dragon Force also included Karate and Kung-Fu heroes.

I would give my left nut for that female figure…

In the realm of bargain and generic figures, the Lanard’s were actually pretty well put together, although lean on accessories.  A single sword is all they had, no oversized shuriken or outre chain weapons here.




The ninja had two headsculpts with varying hair paint. The Norris-knock-offs just looked like bear-porn stars. Note the bare feet hastily painted over in place of properly sculpted tabi.


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  1. J.R.

    wow! this is a blast from the past most definately! i do recall having most of these(including the female ninja!)! these were always found at macfrugals(?) there were some other ones like these but they had both removable shirts and pants! i cannot recall the lines name and they were sold about the same time. Do you recall the 12′ ninja figures? they were like megos but ninjas! there was a black one and a white one! i had them too! now iam trying to find them again! great post!

  2. krainville

    Thanks J.R. – and wow I don’t remember the 12″ guys at all from back then.

    There was a set of Mego-like ninja in a 9″-scale, came as a two-pack, one black/one white, with grey weapons. These were made well into the 2000s in fact. The 12″ ones you’re remembering mght be the same molds knocked-off in a larger size?

  3. j.r.

    Yes just found out those were by lht an Australian toy company back in the 80s! Now iam on a mad hunt for them lol! No I don’t recall those 9″ ninjas But id like to find them. What were they called and by who? Thanks!

  4. Kakugo

    Wow! nice one! i have the Black Ninja of this séries,but i never see the female Ninja!

  5. Shawn

    I still have a red female ninja! I’m trying to part with her if you’re interested in an Xmas gift 🙂

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