MASTER OF NINJA shinobi ‘army guys’

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Little toy soldiers. 54mm-scale figurines. Plastic army men. Whatever the formal term of the ubiquitous two-inch-high static soldiers that companies like Marx belched out by the millions, we always called them “army guys” (Actually, being in central Massachusetts as a kid, I called them “aaahmee guyz”).

And man would these ninja-themed army guys ¬†have made a great addition to my childhood war games! Alas, they’re a product of the 80’s boom (well after my army guys retired to the attic), although I scored this set in a mom-n-pop grocery store in Santa Monica in 2001, and it was fresh stock, too. Long live the little plastic ninja!

These are likely several generations knocked-off from the original molds, and I wouldn't be surprised if those were Japanese of origin. Even with all the details dulled by remolding and 'flashing' around the mid-seams, these are still cool as hell.
I'm not sure the double conjoined kama is a good idea.
How great is this over-sized shuriken! Proper scale of small hand weapons and projectiles just isn't possible in 54mm mass produced plastics.
And here's how you know these weren't the product of a legit American toy maker! Yeah, yeah, WE all know it's a MANJI, but the rest of the mouthbreathers of America... not so much.

These dudes, about 24 or so cast in black, white and grey, came in a vinyl bag with this cardboard header. I think the only thing cooler than this artwork is the Hing Fat Chinese warlord logo!

I think I have to dig out my old Guns of Navarrone mountain playset and put these saboteurs to work! Although maybe the Fort Apache set would make a bit more sense historically. Better than the cavemen and dinosaurs deal for sure…

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  1. Jessica

    Hello I am looking for ninjas just like these shinobi army guys! Do you have any that I can purchase and for what price?

  2. Morten


    Are the Ninja Toys plastic figures still for sale?!
    I am really much interrested!

    Regards Morten

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