Things we love: bad and misleading VHS art

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Knock-off airbrush art of Jackie Chan from DRUNKEN MASTER and Mike Stone in ENTER THE NINJA. I’m thinking the actual caliber of martial artists actually in GHOST NINJA wasn’t quite up to that promise.
Should be titled THE **NO** NINJA WARRIOR, clearly a re-titled kung-fu flick, which by the height of the craze you had to be able to sniff out if you were going to avoid video store regret.
I doubt the weapons used in this Transworld release are either exteme OR those of the ninja. And if you’re going to illustrate an “extreme weapon” at least have the grip somewhere close to right, this dude would break his entire hand using this spiked knuckle thing.
So you’ve made the only Bujinkan-endoresed ninja movie in America, and gotten Stephen K. Hayes in there in training sequences. Here’s a good idea — dominate the cover with a KKK hood instead of a big-ass ninja head! And what the holy hell does that tagline mean?
I actually dig this Alexander Lo Rei flick, and this art is pretty great in its Star Wars-ness and Conan-itude… Hmmm, maybe this doesn’t belong here. Well done!
I adore the “NINJA KIDS” franchise, and this packaging is better than any of the NINJA DEATH or VENOM OF THE NINJA re-titles. But there’s no lizard-dino-cat-Atlantean-barbarian dude in there, nor a naked big-tittie blonde, so one might be upset when they got home with this.
Hot-and-cold-running good and bad art for NINJA EMPIRE. How does one fight a dragon with a shuiken in its mouth?
DEATH MASK OF THE NINJA is another kung-fu re-title, but I love the go-go-girl at lower left. Had to be done by the same artist who did REVENGE OF THE SHOGUN WOMEN, DEADLY SILVER NINJA, etc.


  1. Anonymous

    Pretty sure the artist is Luis Dominguez, who also did SONNY CHIBA’S DRAGON PRINCESS…