Karate Laundromat?!?

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Spotted in Pismo Beach, California today. Bad strip mall sign spacing, or greatest crossover business idea ever? I imagine students hand-wringing your dirty clothes, whipping them around like weapons to dry alá training montages in old Gordon Liu and Jackie … Continued

I’m at Monsterpalooza!

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Anyone local to Burbank, CA, I’m set-up for the weekend at an, admittedly off-topic, convention called MONSTERPALOOZA. I’m having a “monster-kid” yard sale of sorts, selling off a bunch of collectibles, toys and movie memorabilia from storage. The highlight of … Continued


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A consortium of Japanese Cinema bloggers and writers, including Chris McGee, Jon Jung, Jasper Sharp, Tom Mes, Kimberly Lindbergs, Jason Gray, Aaron Gerow, Patrick Macias, Todd Brown, Emi Ueyama, and others, have banded together to help raise money for Tohoku … Continued