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Temple of the Blue Dragon has a ton of video game concept art, martial arts ephemera and high-kicking comic-book heroes: There’s always something good, genre-related or otherwise, at Tiger Roll: The Shinobi-Ya online store in Japan is now selling internationally … Continued

Karate Laundromat?!?

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Spotted in Pismo Beach, California today. Bad strip mall sign spacing, or greatest crossover business idea ever? I imagine students hand-wringing your dirty clothes, whipping them around like weapons to dry alá training montages in old Gordon Liu and Jackie … Continued

I’m at Monsterpalooza!

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Anyone local to Burbank, CA, I’m set-up for the weekend at an, admittedly off-topic, convention called MONSTERPALOOZA. I’m having a “monster-kid” yard sale of sorts, selling off a bunch of collectibles, toys and movie memorabilia from storage. The highlight of … Continued