Around the interwebs…

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There’s been some nifty stuff on other sites I’ve been remiss in plugging. New stuff at Kurotokagigumi this month, including the climax of Kage no Gundan Bakumatsu Hen (Shadow Warriors 5). Way out there vintage Polish poster for Yojimbo, spotted by Wildgrounds. … Continued

25 years ago…

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First we had the 30th Anniversary of The Octagon, now… Monday to be exact… American Ninja is 25 years old. Working on a nice long love-letter to Cannon’s post-Kosugi franchise right now. Stay tuned kids!

Sate of the Ninja – the 2000s

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The 2000s was a strange decade for martial arts and martial arts cinema. Unlike the Bruce Lee-inspired kung-fu 70’s, the Sho Kosugi-driven ninja 80’s or the VanDamme-inspired kickboxing 90’s, the 00s didn’t have a definitive iconic star nor a decade-dominating … Continued