Shinobi trike

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This one is probably late 80’s, but you still see generic wind-up and battery-op toys like this, crudely shinobi-fied, at Southern California swap meets, Florida flea markets, dirt mall dealers and curbside vendors in NYC all the time.

Resin Commandos

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Scored a weird little trio of plastic or low-grade modeller’s resin castings of shinobi a few years back, no manufacturer details alas. I’m guessing the 2.5″ ninja were scoped up from some much smaller lead gaming figure original, as the … Continued

Generic Ninja

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We’ll wrap-up a month of toys and merch with a look at some nameless, non-property-based ninja toys from the 80’s. Wind-up toys sold in subway stops or off swap-meet blankets, supermarket tchotchkes, vending capsule minatures, even cake-toppers – these are … Continued

Hasbro NINJA galore on eBay!

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While Hasbro’s “Storm Shadow” from the GI Joe line is easily the most prolific ninja toy produced during the 80’s craze (permutations are still best-sellers today), the same company later released the non-property-based Ninja Warriors: Enemies of Evil line. Dojo … Continued

Strange little Russian ninja

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More Russian stuff! I picked up this set of 2″ tall plastic shinobi a few years ago, they’re from one of several Russian manufacturers of property-derivative (but not property-based) toy soldiers. These sit somewhere between the lead miniature gaming realm … Continued